Saturday, May 15, 2010


  It has been a couple of days since I wrote, mainly nothing has changed. Two of the teeth that were extracted on the right side are dry sockets as best as I can tell. Sucking through a straw I knew wasn't the right thing to do so now two are dry, all the pain I remembered.

  I haven't been very up on time at taking my medicine so the neuropathy gets bad in the evenings. Today I had to figure out if I should climb the ladder and fix the gutter, the company that installed them has a cut off number... go figure. Denise didn't know how so we got Mark to repair it. The ladder came down and Mark got skinned on his chest, legs, wrist and hurt his shoulder. It was scary seeing him fall but despite that fall he still insisted on finishing the job. He saw the same shoddy work on the hangars that I did.

  Me and Denise went on a wild goose chase from a craigslist item I got directions from. They led us to an empty, foreclosed house. It makes me wonder now just how much of that goes on and the purpose behind doing something like that.

  Yesterday Cody cut out the place for the back-up lights to go into Big Ugly... looks good. The guy that I bought it from however has disconnected them. After chasing down the problem and where I got them fixed, along with a new wire for towing.

  We got some rain today... thank God. That was about the extent of it all and I got and am extremely worn out.

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