Thursday, May 13, 2010


  Therapy went pretty hard today and I don't know why. I got very nauseous and had some chest pressure. I think the nauseous is one of the possible side effects. It's not the first time but by far the worse I have experienced. My blood pressure was 145 and tonight it is 145/84, apparently I need some form of blood pressure meds, just not what I needed before. My weight has dropped to 199. I would guess it is from the teeth extractions and not eating like I did.

   The swelling in my throat has went down significantly, partly from the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and in part to the teeth extractions. One of them was abscessing and i believe the reason for the swelling under my chin. I've used some pain pills today in order to try and eat, then afterward because I did eat, lol.

   It is so easy to get down with this crap. It seems like I will never get a decent life back. I helped mom with a contract and concreted a post I dug out a while back, planted two flowers and watered the garden a bit. Really nothing compared to what I use to do.

  Matt had his surgery today and is doing quite well. He is already moving about which is a good thing. The gas from the inflation they use laves the body quicker. I noticed they do it differently than when I had my Gall Bladder out. They had all four incisions on the same side.   

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