Tuesday, May 18, 2010


  Got the HBOT done... another one. Today went well. After the treatment I once again spit up, this time I made a mental note to see where from, a yellowish/greenish florescent looking Flem from my sinuses. It is so strange looking. I've had sinus infections before but nothing like this. My sinuses were clear this morning so where did this junk come from?

   Me and Charlie ate a Shoneys on the way back and then after we got home I went to the garden and drove tobacco sticks, staking the green beans and building trellises for them to climb. I didn't get even close to finished but I got a good start. I stopped long enough to go for the follow-up with Dr Boyd. Sidney finished taking out the stitches in my gums where two teeth were in 1 area, the other two had been pulled out already, lol. I wondered how I would feel, if it would hurt but instead it took away the pain that was left. Sidney was very pleased with the outcome of them.

   My eyesight has changed yet again. It gets worse and worse. If I were a betting man I'd about bet it is a side effect, or should I say... another side effect. I could go get glass now but they haven't seem to have stabilized yet which would be a wast of money. So for now, I wait. Cancer is the hurry up and wait sickness.

  After I got through there I helped mom at the office briefly then returned to the garden. Now here is the funny part. I start off fairly decent with the neuropathy and by day's end I am almost crippled sometimes, most days. It is almost like God gives you just so many steps and after that they get painful. I noticed that riding in my car hurts worse and inflames them more that in my truck.

  My hair looks like it will be curly. I have never had anything other than straight hair before. That would be a nice surprise. I'm just tickled I have any hair, lol. It is growing ever so slowly. I escape pain pills most days but then there are days that I don't.

   Writing this I attempted to take a herbal capsule. I took 3 and no problem... this one is stuck. Right in the place you don't want it stuck. It seems to have went up my nose and is just sitting there. That means if I can't get it up I will have to stay awake until it dissolves and try and make it go the right way and not down my airway. I tried taking it with water... should have used milk or a Yoohoo. Man I hate when this happens but at least it is less frequent than it use to be. Really soft food like mask potatoes does this too. Small pills are like that too.

   My stamina and strength seem to be just as hard to build. It just ain't happening or maybe it is and I just want it sooner.  

  Denise still says the swelling is leaving my throat, but that my lymph system is damaged.

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