Wednesday, May 19, 2010


  It has been a long day yet I got little done. I worked a bit more stringing the poles for the green beans to run on after therapy. Therapy went a bit sour again today. I began to get very sick feeling again. After  came out I cleared my nose and spit, out came the yellowish florescent junk again. Funny, after one of two spits it clears up. My tatse buds aren't back enough yet to tell if it tastes bad or not.

  I came home to string the lines on the poles I've placed for the green beans to grow on but I wore out fast and my break turned into a few hours nap time.

  My teeth are still tender (gums actually) but not bad at all really. My throat is still sore, about like having strip throat. The swelling is slowly going down but the swallowing isn't much better. Mom tells me of her getting choked from it going the wrong way and I tell her welcome to my world.

For the first time I've considering selling a few of the old cars... hopefully that will pass, lol.

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