Sunday, May 23, 2010


  Yesterday we went to an auction but didn't stay long and in the process of coming home we stopped and I bought a Mt Dew. Surprisingly enough I could drink it with little pain, more of a discomfort, that went away as I got towards the end of the bottle which took all day. Later that evening we went to Hardees to get food since we had both been working hard and it was getting late and I bought a Coke with my meal, not a smart move. It hurt pretty bad but since the Mt Dew eased as i drank it I figured the Coke would too... it didn't. This morning I woke up with my mouth bonded together again and in extreme pain. The swelling is back up again inside and out. I finally gave in this evening and took 15mg of Morphine which didn't completely stop the pain but it eased it off. The swallowing action is back hard again to do without choking.

  We , or I should say Denise, worked outside today. I have noticed that even with sunscreen I cannot tolerate the sun on my neck. While the outside does burn and feel hot, the inside is a burning that I cannot describe properly and brings about a weird feeling and pain. It is a draining type of feeling as well. It also feels like radiation treatments all over again when the sun blares down on the neck. Usually it is the evening and after 1-2 pm the rays that come through are UVA and not UVB, UVB stimulate Vitamin D and is beneficial while UVA are the deadly rays that cause cancer. I did manage to get the baby tiller out and till the pepper plants, but not as they should have been. It is now apparent that I have bitten off more that I can chew with the gardens.

  My sinuses flare up at night and in the morning but hopefully Rathfoot can fix that.

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