Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dr Rathfoot Visit today

  We visited Dr Rathfoot today, a visit that came up before our next visit. I have so, so very much faith in this man. I am so fortunate that God allowed me to be his patient. His nurse prepped me by numbing my right nostril since it is the straight one that he prefers to use.  She decided that the left didn't need it... and usually it don't. He found a polyp in there so he decided to check out the left side. He found another one there (if I understood him correctly) it could have been the same one different view but I understood there are a total of two. Dr Rathfoot is so gentle that I didn't have the heart to tell him the left side wasn't numb. It wasn't all that bad, or should I say... I've had worse. He prescribed Prednisome and Cpro (spelling?) and Dyfluken (spelling).

  I did look it up and here is a link that tells about sinus polyps.  http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-sinus-polyps.htm

  I ran errands all day and finally resolved back to stringing the poles for the bean to grow on and a little watering. I stayed extremely tired all day.With the exception of Krystals getting my order wrong, Coke instead of Tea, I stayed away from carbonated drinks. I did take a sip and that is when I found out they done a boo-boo. 

  So pretty here. I want so bad to ride the bike. I want so bad to gain my strength and stamina back. I am though enjoying curly hair, lol.

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