Sunday, June 13, 2010


We went to the beach for 5 days and then worked getting the garden back in shape when we got home the next 2 days. Today though I was down flat for most of the day from overdoing it.

It was nice to get away fr a week but really there is no get away except for not doing treatments for a week, which was nice. It did however tell me that all I had known was now a memory at worse, a goal to achieve at best. We had to find a hat and finally found what looked like a Crocodile Dundee hat. That in conjunction with 100 block and buying an umbrella that was SPF rated at 100% seemed to work. I felt a little foolish and probably looked that way too going into the ocean with my hat and white neck as well as sitting cautiously under the umbrella with the same look on. Needless to say that my trips into the ocean were few, brief, and in shallow water.

The neuropathy seemed to get a little better, but I haven't a clue why. Walking out into the water seemed to present it's own challenge, especially after I went in far enough that I couldn't see my feet. I rose to the challenge though and didn't fall down I must have looked drunk.

The ocean combined with the sun has some kind of healing properties and usually throws the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma almost into remission. I actually needed this trip and it would not hurt to do two each year. This is the first time since all this began that it is back under control. We've discussed maybe doing it again this year but it all depends on the oil spill. It was rumored there that it would strike Myrtle Beach sometime in July. If it does then it is safe to say that the healing properties of the ocean will be gone.

Traffic was heavy there yet all the shops and decent restaurants complained that business sales were slow. There was a lot of cars there from Alabama. We didn't get our regular room at the Caravel, they tried to put us in an ocean view after we paid for ocean front, we've stayed there the last 5 years and they do us like this, so we got a refund. We ended up at a quaint, lovely motel in North Myrtle Beach own by a man and his wife. The size was comparable but it was all 1 big room with 2 of the hardest beds I've ever seem. Wifi was not offered. It was however clean and the closest to the actual beach we have stayed at... pretty nice. It was a quiet beach too, plenty of room. The life guards didn't try to root out those with their own umbrella like a Myrtle Beach.

I was impressed to see however that nobody was shopping with BP stations, then shocked to see at home people were. We vote with our dollars and when we purchase from evil companies we say to them "it is ok with me". Whatever happened to boycotts? There should also be a McDonalds and Disney boycott for the poison glasses, along with no China made junk. Instead of just griping about an injustice we should show our strength. That oil could have been drilled from a surface, those glasses made in America and probably even the movie for that matter... but it wasn't. These companies are worth a fortune yet the spend fortunes everyday so yea, they need our money. One can't do it alone but like a bee hive (for we are many), we can stop this from happening again. If we wait too late though...

I go this week to see Rathfoot and Panella. I look forward to Rathfoot but I'm about over Panella. It may be time to move on. I'm also wondering on the HBOT tomorrow, man it's getting costly.

At the beach I reached a deep level of depression after a few days. We always walked along the beach in the evening, long peaceful, sometimes romantic walks. despite the improvement down there I wasn't able to. We would often get into races, but that wasn't to be either. As I watched others from the balcony at first I smiled which later turned into a frown. Will I ever get to do that again with my beautiful wife? Will we all three ever get to race again? If only these people knew how lucky they are...if only I had known how lucky I was.

It made me work like crazy in the garden the next two days only to be slammed down for it this morning. On the bright side, later in the evening I gave my bike a bath and went around the block on her. I'm ready whenever Denise is to ride. My God what that does for my soul.

I'm still paying for some of the foods I ate and especially what I drank,,, Mt Dew. The bottled water all has something in them that makes my mouth dry. If we do get to go again I'm either taking our well water or English Mountain water, they both seems pure with nothing added. The crunchy food was my call, and not a good one.

Now we are back to the same old same old. Like I had to explain to Denise though, I hurt here and I hurt there too so it is not like a vacation.

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