Monday, June 14, 2010


HBOT went well today. I spoke some with the dr about what I am seeing like my toenails that were corns are growing back nails, but he says HBOT isn't responsible for that happening. The neuropathy seems to be better after HBOT which he said that they did take some credit for that happening, but mostly the throat damage from the radiation. That is the part that still needs a lot of improvement.

Tomorrow we go to Rathfoot and I'm sure he will scope my throat again, which I don't mind at all. I will have the nurse numb both sides this time though, lol. I will ask him about the polyps and if he is planning to surgically remove them. I'll also ask him about the ears and the blood that sometimes comes out of the right ear and the referred pain. There is also still yet a knot under my chin that concerns me.

Panella comes the next day and I will once again demand the CAT Scan... I, We, need to know and it has been long enough. Is it clan or not. This may end up my last visit to him as grow weary of his lack of attention.

I worked outside for several hours today. The energy the HBOT gives is excellent, but I'll pay tomorrow.

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