Friday, June 18, 2010


 After a long night of waking up periodically with an upset stomach, tasting the watermelon over and over again, my throat was in rare form. I had a hard time taking the medications from the swelling and extreme pain. I couldn't get the Loratab down so I went once again for the liquid Morphine at about 12mgs. Me and Charlie stopped in at Hardees as usual and I ate the jelly biscuit... as usual. I fell asleep part of the way down to HBOT, man was I ever tired.

  Once we started the dive my stomach started to roll, but it seemed manageable. Not quite to the half way mark I had a problem so I asked Chad for a drink and to give me a couple of minutes without the hood. Now you would really really see how this therapy works and how they do it. There are cameras and microphones in the unit and one EMT person is inside with us, this time it was Chad, and outside the chamber the doctor and another EMT person is watching. Shortly after the break that Chad gave me I felt nauseous and I motioned for him to come over to me. I told him I was going to throw up and asked I there was something to do it in. Chad took off my hood and went to the back of the chamber to get it. I thought that it may be explosive at worse, sickening to the others at best so we went to the back of the chamber to set. We talked for a moment and then I felt it coming. Now after months of throwing up from chemo, I'm pretty good at controlling it within reason. Practice makes perfect, lol.

  Chad talked over the inside phone and filled Gary and Dr Downing in and Dr Downing went into a small decompression chamber between the observation/control center and the chamber. He pressurized quickly. Meanwhile Chad was going vital signs all of which were good, but they are that thorough. Downing was waiting in the decompression chamber for me and also check me as we decompressed, asking lots of questions like Chad did. After we decompressed and went into the observation/control room Gary also asked a lot of questions. Did I mention that all vitals are taken and questions asked even before each session? Sherry was also in the room as well. I am told that she is the one who pulls it all together. I told you I'd put you in here Sherry, lol. The only one not there today was John. All of the people there at HBOT are great and really care. I've had heart caths that aren't monitored as well, I'm not saying the heart caths weren't monitored well, they were. The whole staff at HBOT is exactly where God wants them to be. They operate as a complete team and as a family. My sessions had ended for the day which was embarrassing and sad but then again, the best thing to do given the circumstances. I restart next week. I went a bit farther into detail on this because I want people to know just how much goes into this. It is a complicated thing and ran extremely comfortable, safe, and professional.

  After we left I figured Charlie was hungry so we ate at Shoney's, convincing Charlie that all was well. I kept it down with little to no effort. I got some things cleaned up a little around the house and made my usual cucumber, tomato, and this time pepper pass then passed them out. Took ours and everybody elses trash off. Funny, after finally throwing up the pain went down to a tolerable level and even at times no pain. The Watermelon and Chicken Parmesan just didn't mix, Watermelon doesn't sit well on my stomach. I did eat light tonight, a grilled cheese sandwich. I'm still a bit weak and Denise want to cancel the bike ride tomorrow. I looked forward to riding with Richard & Missy and harassing Missy Shelton which turns 40! Ha, ha Missy, gotcha anyway, lol.

  I'm putting a picture of the HBOT again so one can get the feel of what and where it all took place. If you click on the image it will enlarge. This thing is great for radiation healing and Diabetes problems. It seems to also help my neuropathy and I'm sure there are many more things it will help. 


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