Thursday, June 17, 2010


  Well, we're back to normal things today. HBOT went rough today, I stayed sick the whole time. I popped a cap off eating my biscuit & jelly this morning. I can't help but wonder when all the residue will end from the radiation. I took care of it when we got home, Gorilla Glued it back on.

  I started this morning having to use some of the liquid Morphine, I couldn't get the pills swallowed from the swelling. The pain has raged again all day and when I got home I had to use it again. Then again before bedtime. I attempted to swallow a pill which lodged, so I was left with only the liquid. I ate some Watermelon earlier and still having reflux from it. Tonight my throat feels like it is closing off again. I got very, very little done today. This is the weakest I've been in a while and the third day of pain. The neuropathy has also raged. Hopefully tomorrow will be different... better.

  We have a new lady in HBOT, she has a brain tumor and a new guy coming tomorrow but I haven't heard what is wrong with him. Who would have ever thought oxygen would do such great things. I still remember Denise telling me when I used the oxygen to help me breath that it wasn't good for me to do that. Now I do therapy.

  Richard came by and got me hooked up to use acetylene, showed me how to use it. It has been since ninth grade since I used it. I've had the torch for quite a while now but never hooked it up. Other than that watering and picking a few cucumbers and squash and passing them out that was about it. Hopefully we will get to ride this weekend with them as Missy turns 40. These days though I cannot plan anything since I never know what tomorrow brings. The garden has become my escape these days, my source of enjoyment.   

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