Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I stayed home today due to an infection in my sinuses and ears, both were stopped up and I felt like crap. Tomorrow I will stay home again just to make sure this stuff leaves even though I feel a little better tonight.

My right shoulder is acting up, I think the tear I did 20 years ago has torn again, either that or I've injured it again. I will wait until all this calms down and then maybe go for a shot into the shoulder and see if that helps.

My neuropathy gave me a fit today even though I kept off my feet and kept them elevated... strange. My throat seemed a little less painful today after I woke up, but then again I didn't talk much today. It still isn't too bad. I think if the saliva glands would start to work and this sinus thing would quit, and the reflux stop I might have a chance to have a voice.

August 9 is still in the back of my mind though. I look forward to it yet at the same time I can wait. If they give me the all clear I'm buying a boat, a cheap fishing boat... and I mean cheap, lol.

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