Friday, July 30, 2010


It's almost 4am and I woke up. Denise had to put me to be last night, not sure what went wrong. I was typing an email to Sally when things started spinning and I became totally disoriented. I got back up, intending to send the email, I am still not sure if I sent it or what I typed. That came out of nowhere and has to be a first. I had been hurting on the right side of my head earlier that night about the lower temple area. Right now my face is still numb. I didn't really do much yesterday so I wonder what was that? There is still a slight pain there, it feels like I got hit and it is sore. Even my gums are numb. My computer is exactly where I left it with the email going and all the windows I was watching open. Usually when the fatigue spells come I have time to react, this whatever it was I had no warning and no time to react, it just came. I hope that is a singular event. Maybe just too much TV, I had watched a few shows the last couple of days, lol. the pain is growing gain in intensity while I type this so I think I will lay back down.

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