Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well the appointment with Rathfoot went ok. I am done HBOT but he said I may need it again before this thing is done. I expressed what had happened there and if I did need it, try the single chamber. Something strange happened there. But I'm glad it is over. I will miss it though and highly recommend Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, it works.

The cartilage in my throat is healing, slowly, but healing. My larynx is now visible and moves one way, it just needs to move the other too. I asked about the hissing sounds and if they were related to the swelling. Nope, chemo, another perk to using that. It isn't all the time but a great deal of time when TV, people, radio, or some noise is on it starts. It sounds just like letting the air out of a tire and your head is right at the valve stem. No pain, just noise. The other noise I can't describe to you. To replace the HBOT he prescribed me another pill to take. I now take 10 pills 1st thing every morning, 2 mid day, and I think 5 at night, plus my vitamins and herbs.

I had another black out type spell coming home, the reason I don't drive much or far. I didn't get anything done today from the fatigue.

Charlie got to come home after getting 2 stints. St Mary's done an excellent job and he is doing great.

I looked again at the boat i just bought yesterday, lol. I am finding out the hard way that material to restore a boat isn't as easy to find as cars are, neither is information on it.

So be another day...

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