Thursday, July 1, 2010


Happy Birthday Misty April Henry!!!  Big 31.

  HBOT went well today but the colonel was awol, he got sick yesterday and hopefully he is ok.

  Me and Charlie ate a LJS... big mistake, lol. But we thought we'd try something new.

Megan and me watched a movie then I got up and picked about 2 bushels of green beans, greasyback and 1/2 white runners. Megan is breaking them and tomorrow Denise will can them. The rest of the beans are spotty and not full. Off to be again. My pain level has dropped to an ok level, leg cramps hurt though. 

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Southern FNP said...

Miss Misty was born on a great day! My birthday was is July 1st also :)
So happy birthday to us, and glad you had a better day as well.