Tuesday, July 13, 2010


  HBOT went well today but we lost the new guy until he can be checked out. Still no Colonel... tomorrow perhaps. I got a little nauseous today but it slowly wet away towards the end of the session, no more Polish sausage and Tea, lol.

  After we came back I actually didn't do much of anything. It rained again today, thank God. Too late for the green beans but there is still time for the rest of the garden. I've played on the web today and enjoyed going back to ConCen and learning. I am tired but not as bad, especially when one considers I didn't sleep much last night. I'd say maybe 3 hours all together, but not at one time.

  Tomorrow I have to get Megan's stuff straightened out. Paperwork, yuk.

  Tonight my throat hurts but I've managed it until close to bedtime when I took a Lortab to deaden it. I discovered Sunday that by adding a 4th pill for the neuropathy it helped dramatically by accident. I couldn't remember if I had taken the second dose so I took another, later I remembered both doses. The loss of balance is just too much in intensity for it to be worth it. I can chose between pain and walking in pain, or little pain and not being able to walk. I chose the walking with more pain one.

  I've had a lot of body aches and arthritis pain. It is like fall is coming. Both shoulders, my knees, ankles, and back just ache and the shoulders are freezing into place. I'm not sure if this is where these headaches are coming from, it could be all the politicians on TV, lol. The Lymes disease left arthritis but it usually ain't that bad. Old injuries from UPS are by far the worse. Still, except for the changing of seasons, it usually don't hurt as bad.       

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