Monday, July 12, 2010


  My posting are spacing out a bit as I hopefully get better. I still battle with the neuropathy day to day. I start out ok but by the end of each day I am back to bad. For whatever reason I stay tired, more so than usual. I am back to just going out, almost like passing out.  The chemo brain fog thing seems to be increasing. God how I hate that.

The growth my fingernails experienced has stopped. Not sure what that means if anything. The ridges where the stopped growth during chemo show out now.

 Since I have went down to a 12mg patch I hurt like Hell at times in the left side of my throat. Funny, the tumor was on the right side. I have began once again using the stomach pills prescribed (name escapes me) but it is sort of working. The time I got sick and threw up in HBOT must have been just dumb timing and a bug.

  The HBOT team gave me a 25.oo Shoney's gift certificate for my birthday. They shouldn't have but it was very nice of them. The doc has had shoulder surgery and so we pray for his speedy recovery. We got a new guy in today that has had throat cancer last year. He had neck surgery and 25 radiation treatments but no chemo. He is having teeth pulled from his radiation 2 years ago and needs the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments before and after. The Colonel hasn't returned yet. 

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