Wednesday, July 7, 2010


  HBOT went a bit shaky today. I got just a little nauseous. It may have been the Hardee's sausage biscuit but I am leaning towards the Tea. I may try water but if I do I will bring my own. I cannot stand chlorine and fluoride in my drinking water... actually any water. I'll do the Jelly Biscuit tomorrow. It can be my birthday breakfast, lol. Then again, I started the day having to take something for break through pain. It gets so old. Dr downing is worried about hurting for a long time after his upcoming shoulder surgery and if it hurts like mine did he is justified for doing so. Throat cancer and the treatments are however times ten that pain. I smiled and said welcome to my world. I feel as though I have lived in Hell for almost a year just from this and the shoulder still rages itself. Thank God it isn't the real Hell for it never ends. One day this will end and I will be better, either here or there... no matter.

  The heat was bad again and about all I done was to water the plants, gather cucumbers and tomatoes and distribute them. I come in then. I read and played on the web, ok, I read on the web, lol. I also ordered Garlic since ours didn't do well. We will plant some of ours but we need more. I went back online to ConCen to visit my friends, more like, extended family. Rather than watch the horse and pony TV show news I read it, and that is one of the places I go, plus the people are great.  

  I am still passing blood through my bowels, bright red blood. I haven't a clue why nor do I really want to know. I see too many doctors already.

  We got a letter from National Geographic in New Zealand  thanking us for the interview. They sent two, one for Denise and one for me. They said they will tell us when the show Beyond and back will air and when we will be on it. Thank you Janice Finn for the lovely letter and the opportunity and honor to share our story. Thanks also to the crew that done the work on it.

  If I awake tomorrow I will have made it to 50. That is 1/2 a century old! No wonder I'm tired, lol.  

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Southern FNP said...

Do not ignore the didn't make it this far to let something like a bleeding ulcer or colon polyp take you out. I assume you are not taking aspirin or ibuprofen or aleve ( or similar). Is there constipation? Could be internalmhemprrhoids but either way, you could be getting anemic which will make you tired and weak and worsen neuropathy pain due to lack of oxygen to tissues. Again, my two cents :) go see dr maran.