Thursday, July 8, 2010

7-8-2010 or 

  Well I made it to 50. It sure didn't look like it was going to happen, lol. I started out with HBOT which went ok today. I had some ear trouble which was unusual. Good movie though. Charlie bought me lunch for my birthday.

  We came home and I picked the cucumbers, divided them out and delivered them and later picked tomatoes and gave them out too. I played with the metal detector that Denise & Megan got me, man this thing is cool. It is complicated though. We ate birthday cake, all of my girls and grandkids were here. Denise bought me an Iron Man cake and said I was Iron Man after what all I have went through. If I am then the credit belongs to God and those around me and those who have prayed for me.

  No blood in the bowels today so maybe it was just a fluke.

  Today I am 50 years old and God has blessed me with the company of great family, friends, and medical people. There is nothing else one could ask for.  

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