Saturday, August 7, 2010


  I think I'm backing up these days. This is day three and I got 2 hours of sleep last night. That means that within the last 3 days I have had about 6 hours of sleep. There is a lot of pain lately and swelling too. It has been almost a week now since my Rip Van Winkle episode of sleeping all day and still my tongue and mouth are sore. That extended sleep, while everybody said I needed it caused a lot of pain. Without being awake to constantly take in fluids my mouth and tongue dried out. I have a rumble and I've had it now for some time in my chest, maybe it is in my throat, who knows. I can make some of the weirdest noises when i breathe once again.

  I stay tired the last few days and haven't gotten much done. In a word, damn. Me and Megan yesterday though, did have fun. We shot between 50-100 rounds of ammo back in the woods. Megan is pretty good at shooting. William came back thinking something was up with his 44. Megan shot it and it kicked like a mule, lol. Well, it is almost 5am. Lets see what today brings.


  Me and Matt went to the Newport Bargain House to get some cat food. He had never been and I kept telling them about you can get good deals on food wholesale there a lot of times. I use it to feed the little kittens that their mother died. How they ended up in one of the carports I have no idea. Not that I'm a cat person per say but I hate to see anything go hungry. We hit a few yard sales coming back and at one he had some old cars, really cool. He showed them to us. Our little trip went almost 3 hours, lol. We both came back with some tools and I got a cute small oil lantern. I figured that I would finish repairing the roof over the tool room then wire the new starter switch in the boat... not gonna happen though. While we were looking at the old cars I kept needing to spit and started spitting up blood. My throat is killing me. All I've eaten is a sandwich so I know it's not that. I feel run down all the sudden. I will have to wait until I gather enough energy to unload the tools. I will not mention it to Denise or the doctors and see if it quits. It must be placing pressure on the left ear nerve because it feels like a poker is sticking into my ear drum. I took a Lortab, it isn't helping much but it at least lessens the pain. I really don't want to do the Morphine again so I'm taking that option off the table. Makes me wonder when this will end. It has been over a year now and it is wearing me down physiologically.  

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