Tuesday, August 10, 2010


  I've paid today for yesterday's activity. I'm getting use to that. Today my neuropathy has been a little worse for wear and my throat has been painful, but not so bad as to take anything until tonight. I'd like to sleep as good as i did last night. usually I get up in the morning and still, my mouth is covered, if I'm lucky, with a thick coating. I think this may be where the saliva glands aren't working but maybe a bit. Once I get that crap brushed off and get my throat clear of that and blood, I'm good to go. Warm water helps get that done faster. At night I drink some tea because it helps to coat the mouth and throat. Biotene will but wears off quickly.

  Tomorrow I will get the results from the scan that was done Monday. That was the first scan done since the scan that revealed it was in the lymph node. It is one of those things where you want to know and you don't want to know. This should be my last doctor's visit until the end of the month when I see that radiation doctor again.

   The doctor I went to called and my levels are still within range even though the TSH is a bit high. She wants to wait until all are in line to start meds. In 6 weeks I need the blood work repeated on my thyroid. Thank you Kim for the referral. She is great. 

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