Thursday, August 12, 2010


Tomorrow we go back to Rathfoot for a scope. I'm assuming that he will set a date for another biopsy... we will see. It has been a food of emotions, a mixture too. So far I remain opposed to any surgery that will take the quality of life from me. I intended on putting up something that has the things I have taken, but Denise is fast asleep. Her eyes are puffy and she has felt the weight of this, so I will not wake her.

  Saliva: During the radiation and chemo I used Biotene for the lack of saliva. There are some other products but they just didn't quite work for me, have no idea why. It comes in a spray which I liked. A liquid which I wasn't crazy about. Toothpaste which I also wasn't crazy about. The stuff tastes like crap, lol. But it did not burn, as some of the others did.  I also ran two humidifiers in my room, I still run one.

  Sickness: I was prescribed Marinol, which is a pill that is medical marijuana. This was for sickness from the Chemo. The Phenergan stopped some of the sickness for a while, bt it couldn't stop it all. The radiation also made me sick. Before they prescribed it though I bought a Vaporizer and some marijuana. This is well worth looking into. I really didn't care what law says this is bad, it got me through it. I destroyed what was left after I made it through the radiation and chemo. But it helps.

  Pain: They kept me on a Morphine patch eventually along with 10mg Endocets for break through pain. Once again, Marijuana will help with the pain too. It also helps with depression. This illegal herb is just that, a herb. Those that have known me all my life knows that I never really cared for pot. This stuff is like anything else. It can be abused or used. It is not an evil weed. I changed my perspective on this stuff real fast. I later read that cooking it in certain foods helps. Problem with that is it can get stuck in the throat. Smoking it causes as much pain as it cures so a Vaporizer is the trick. You don't have to do it until you are stupidly high, just until the pain level and sickness leaves.

  I drank Ensure to keep my weight up, but it burnt like Hell. Anything with any Sodium does. I'll go back and edit when I think of more stuff. I loved how the Nutritionist kept on pushing fruit juice. News Flash: Anything with fruit hurts. It still does. Carbonated drinks hurt. Just do water and maybe some tea, but watch the tea, it is a diuretic and you don't need that. Still, tea has a smooth effect.

  Now on this here and now. I will wait and see what is what. I do know that something is impeding my airways, it has been for a while now. It could be an infection, it could be the cancer. If it is the cancer I will ask about a treatment I saw from France using medical grade baking soda. The doctor was fired when he was caught but it was well documented by the hospital he was working at. He obtained 100% cure. In this country though I doubt that it would be done.   

  I have wondered when this will end. Now it appears that it will end, just not that way I wanted. If it is a false positive reading then I will continue with spread out updates. If this is not and it is the cancer then I will continue to post until I am unable. So far those who have followed have seen me fight and attempt to be cured, if a cure isn't feasible then you will see what it is like to slowly die with this. Either way, I fight. I've too much stuff left to get done.   

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