Friday, August 13, 2010


  An appointment with Dr Rathfoot turned out much better today. While he isn't sure if cancer is in there, he says that he believes that it is just inflammation from the radiation. He said that my cartilage was lighting up from all the damage the radiation has done. He said that it looked like water balloons in my throat from the swelling. He mostly talked with Denise and I listened but I got lost. I knew that Denise could interpret to me what was said. Rathfoot took his time to explain and used a mirror instead of the scope, he said it gave him a panoramic view where the scope is better at specific views. I have no idea how he stuck that thing back in my throat without me gagging or throwing up, but he did. 

  This is a relief, almost like a vacation. It is the first time that Denise has had dry eyes in days. So we breathe a sign of relief for now. A biopsy is scheduled where he can take multiple samples. I asked for St Mary's because the lady that comes into the room and prays with and for you puts me at ease more. I think all hospitals should have this. I like UT but I don't think they do that there.

  I have had good doctors, save one. Panella, Rathfoot, and Green I would recommend to anybody no matter how this turns out. Behind the scenes though is one that has been a blessing, Kim. This lady is probably the smartest person I have met and if she ever decides to open an office I will be there begging for her to take me.

  So for now, we wait and take more prednisone and diflucan, plus the other junk. I think that makes me a total of about 11 pills. Most say not to take on an empty stomach, but after I take all that I'm pretty full, lol.       

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