Thursday, August 19, 2010


I got a call from St Mary's Hospital getting all the info down and ready. We went over all the drugs and supplements I take, bet she got writers cramp, lol. They put me on high dosage or predisome (and I can't spell that word) which has taken the swelling down and the pain along with it, for the most part.  Not near as much blood to get up in the morning, love that.

  The neuropathy is bad tonight and wasn't much better today. Sally said hers was worse too tonight. I keep wondering about the barometric pressure. There has to be something in common. If we just had more.

   I canceled the sleep study after talking with Kim. Rathfoot said he had not considered that my throat would not withstand the pressure and thought it was a good idea. Thank you once again Kim. And by the way, I am jealous. You and your husband rode the dragon. ME and Denise haven't gotten to do that yet.

  I have Megan lined up for a meeting with Art for her evaluation and then he will tell us what needs to be done. More importantly, he will tel the school. Thank you Dale. I dropped your name and he says you are THE BEST Interpreter there is. But we all knew that now didn't we. Megan and Terry talk on the web. Meeting Terry was good for her too, thank you. Megan sees now that she can function normally, well, as normal as she can. I think she likes him but he is a bit old for her. Nice boy though. You get time Dale I want a family picture made while there is still 5 generations left.

 I talked with Johnny today briefly at the funeral home just in case. That will keep Denise from spending a lot of money on it. Hopefully it will not come to that but it is better to be prepared. It would make it easier on her. Got April's seeds packed up and ready to go. She is such an inspiration.

We laughed over my name in the paper where I spoke at the county commission meeting. It feel on deaf ears though. I did get a long round of applause and some calls. I am considering a petition. people get the government they deserve. Hopefully our people will stand their ground.   

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