Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I went this morning and had an EKG and was checked out, which was ok. It is faxed along with clearance for the upcoming surgery next week. I can't remember how long I was out or how long I was down. Maybe they will tell me. Just so long as I don't wake up with an extra hole.

  I rode Denise then Megan on the bike Sunday, it was so much fun. I rode it today briefly. Just in case, I really need to get some stuff done outside, actual work done. Some pain today, but not too bad. Neuropathy though has been bad. 

  Pretty snazzy look now eh? I changed the skin on the Blogger. 


April said...

What day is the surgery scheduled for Anthony? I'd like to know. :)

Great new look for your blog by the way... I like what you've done with the place! :)

anthony7 said...

It is scheduled for nest week, the 25th at 8am.

anthony7 said...

Thank you. I beefed it up a bit. Nice natural colors with those 3 birds on it.