Friday, September 3, 2010

09-03-2010 Follow-up with Dr. Rathfoot

Today was the follow-up with Dr Rathfoot. He scoped me on both sides and was pleased with what he saw. He sees no cancer there and the injections were successful. In two months I got back again and if the remaining parts that are still swollen he will do injection in those areas. He said he couldn't inject all that was swollen because it would have created too much swelling and closed my throat off. He also found I have a sinus infection and I still have some infection from the ventilator.

He talked more about the surgery and said what I did not see was the equipment for a tracheotomy setting behind my bed. Dr Rathfoot said that what has happened is nothing short of a Miracle from God. He says that faith is what has made a huge difference in my case. Good attitude, and a lot of faith in God. He leaves out himself and the other doctors who I think played a large role in this. I could have went to many doctors but God chose these doctors and nurses to send me to, and instilled the knowledge to do great things. That and the ones like Kim who I could not have went without her guidance. Then there are my family and friends (both new and old). The churches having me on their prayer lists. The radio station I began to listen to, 106.9 The Light. It all seemed to click with guided hands as I believe it was. Everybody done the P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens, and it worked.

There is collateral damage that I will have to work through, but that is to be expected. I think I have grown some from this, God I hope so. I know that I deserved none of the good things and all the bad. There is a humbling that a person reaches... and that ain't a bad thing. By all rights I should have been dead a long time ago, yet I'm not. Now if I can just figure out what I am suppose to do, why I am still here.

I will continue the blog until I get a clean bill of health and the side effects are gone. I would like to thank all of you who prayed and had positive thoughts, gave me advice, worked on me, and stood by me, even when I did not stand by myself. I would like to ask one more favor. It is a man who's name was not disclosed ad has cancer just like mine. If you would remember him in your prayers tonight as I will. To help him heal, have faith in God, be positive, and be strong.


KimSetser said...

Thanks for the update, Anthony. It's so good to hear good news. In the field I work in, the good stories are far from my view, as I only take care of the ones who are hearing a "no" answer from God. Many are praying and many have faith but the answer was still no, and for those patients I pray for spiritual peace. God knew all along that you would make it through this and whether our measley little prayers changed the course of anything - I doubt it - but it teaches us perseverance in prayer all the same. I think your gift is writing at this point. And helping people like me see the other side, the human side, of cancer and what people go through. You could start a facebook page for cancer patients, maybe throat cancer specifically. It would be a good place for people to share stories and advice on what has helped them through this hell. So glad you received good news.

anthony7 said...

Thanks Kim, an excellent idea. For me the answer was yes, but sadly sometimes it is no, and that is an answer too. It is all left up to Him but I think He throws us a lifeline either answer by the people we have and gain throughout this and other aspects of life.

I still maintain that God has blessed me with great people to be a part of this experience. Ones like you and so many more.