Sunday, September 5, 2010


We finally went on a decent bike ride to The Pinnacle in Cumberland Gap. man was it pretty. We rode with Missy & Richard, and Dale and Anna. Funny, all three were Kawasaki Vulcans. That was a well needed ride for both Denise and me. My butt is sore, lol. Coming back though I hid a wall again, only this time a massive headache, pretty much a Migraine. I started with it this morning and it still is raging. I've taken two Tylenol for the pain. Man it is good to use that again instead of the hard stuff. I just can't figure out how to build back my stamina... but I will, lol. I've pretty much just laid here tonight.

I know, we look Wild Hogs, lol

  There is a benefit ride for Chad, he too has cancer, Proceeds from that ride go to him. 15.00 per bike, even with 2 people on it.  

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sweettina2 said...

I have been to Cumberland Gap many times, love the mountains.