Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Been a few days since my last post. As it gets better the posts will be fewer. I've finally caught the cold, flu, or whatever that sinus/throat/chest thing going around is. I guess I done well to avoid it this long. One thing is for sure, at least I felt good enough to know I feel bad. Just to keep it on a positive.

Next week will be week two and my stitches will be out of my finger, and the toe stays put so I'm not stepping on it anymore, lol. I'm debating on taking the stitches out myself. One though is weird looking, so maybe not. I didn't realize that I had removed that much of the side of the fingernail with it. Minor though. It'll heal.

So, my hair is still a bit curly and what isn't has body to it, but it's slowly going back thin in front and straight as a stick. It was nice while it lasted.

As for swallowing, I still sometimes get things stuck and sometimes, though less than ever, they head up my nose. There is an art to getting that dislodged without aspirating, it becomes a timing thing. Strange what one gets use to. Over a slight period of time I can eat more and more spicier foods with my throat, just don't like re-eating it with acid reflux. I still will not go near a Coke. I do however drink Mt Dews now, also not a good thing.

Next week I have the Cat Scan on my lungs, something that was suppose to be done when they scanned my throat and brain but failed to do, lack of communication. Hopefully this virus/flu/whatever will be long gone. The reason given was this type and location of cancer they say follows a tree? Head, throat, lungs. Hopefully that tree is burnt clean.

The latest blood work shows my thyroid Gland still within normal range, which is shocking, but gladly accepted. It was suppose to be completely burnt out and now that I have bragged, it probably is, lol.

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