Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I had a new CT Scan done yesterday. I'm not sure if they done the head but I believe she said they did. This time for sure though they done the neck and lungs. One thing that may have an impact is this cold that I've had for the second week now. Megan has had it too. It goes better than worse, back and forth it seems. I've waited to see if my body can heal itself but it hasn't. Last night Megan said she wanted to go to the doctor. Today we did just that. we both have all the same symptoms except she was blowing out blood and I wasn't. I have a chest infection where she doesn't, and she had a low grade fever and I didn't. Went that path over the weekend. Both of us have sore throats, something I've had enough to last me a lifetime of.

Also had him look at my finger, which he was very impressed at the healing. He said i still needed to leave the stitches in for at least a few more days. Minimum, about 14 days. It's still extremely sore to the touch and especially to the bump, lol, which I seem to be good at. Ever notice the part that hurts is the part that you mash, slam, bump, or rub wrong? There is nothing that I haven't hit that one finger on. I'm not sure if there is a method to these stitches or not, but they look complicated. Nothing like the ones I've had in the past. I may have to have them taken out.

So we look towards the week's end to find out the results of the CAT Scan.

Denise brings home everything she can that has Michael Douglas or Cathrine Zeta Jones on it. She especially looks at any pictures and already on one she could see the burn lines on his neck even above his neck. In addition to what is called the Chemo Color. Our prayers are with them all.

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