Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've done good lately. We went on a benefit ride for Chad & Lori. Chad has cancer so please remember him and her in your prayers. Denise was afraid I wouldn't hold up but I done great! I didn't do anything Friday and not a whole lot Thursday in preparation for it. I think we really needed that, both of us. It was so beautiful and to be out with friends, on bikes... it just don't get much better. Denise crashed when we got home, lol. I however, fed the chickens and the orphaned kittens and then played on the web. Sunday I chilled a bit but went right back at it, a bit slower though.

Today I planned to work again on the outbuilding but the neuropathy was pretty rough and somehow climbing a ladder just didn't seem smart. I'm not sure what triggers it to be worse some days but there has to be something. The CTCL is acting up again. If it continues I'll do some NBUVB treatments, though with my neck I really don't want to.

I keep looking at the stitches in my finger. Dr Schindler done some fancy sewing. I'm still not sure if I can get one of them out, the others are easy though. Tip of the finger is a bit numb, more than the rest.

My side effects or whatever you call them have showed no sign of improvement except the voice. Yesterday it was bad but today I almost sound normal again. Go figure. One thing is for sure, the weight is back. I'm 215 now. Why is it the last thing to go was fat and the first thing to come back was fat. A good side effect though is I have curly hair, and it is getting long. I've decided no haircut this year. Sorry Jackie sue, lol.

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