Thursday, October 14, 2010


I bragged too soon, lol. Today caught up with me finally and I spent the morning in bed. Bad leg cramps, actually muscle spasms mixed with heavy fatigue and loss of balance. Not bad though considering I had a good run of several days in good shape.

I spent the remained of the day under a cattle trailer still working on the wiring, what a pain. It is fun though. I also checked out my chicken coop now armed with interior lights that will hopefully keep the eggs coming during the short sunlight hours this winter. They are solar lights, 2 inside and 1 on the pathway to it.

I'll back off Sunday and maybe partly Monday so that I will have enough energy, God willing, to take the calves off. Usually we get Jerry to come after them but Mark says he will take them this time. I don't think there are over 2 or 3 that will go 500lbs, something I never worried about before, this time though maybe a little. I'm not sure just how strong I am, but I'm gonna try.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if he wants to take the stitches out yet. Today made 3 weeks. Think I may have accidentally removed most of on, lol.

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