Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today has been a down day which I'm guessing was overdo. Strange, I have a pain, localized to the point of actually pointing it with a finger in the right side of my larynx. This is the third day of it but by far the most intense. This is the first day though I've had to resort back to pain medicine to relieve the pain. I've bush hogged for two days, Thursday and Friday. Thursday I failed to use sunblock, maybe partly the reason for the swelling feeling around my throat inside. Denise looked at my throat tonight and said she could see the swelling on the right side. This has been the second day as well for a migraine. Then again, sinuses have acted up as well.


KimSetser said...

I imagine this could be related to mowing or being around hay. With all you have been thru you probably have less ability to deal with allergens. Also may have some damage to some lymph nodes which help filter and carry away stuff. Maybe a decongestant like mucinex D -not OTC you have to ask pharmacist for it, would thin secretions and help some.

Anthony said...

Thanks Kim. I'll try that. I still have about 15 acres to mow, wonder if I should wear a mask?