Friday, October 29, 2010


We got the garlic planted, even though the soil was wet. I also placed straw down in the chicken house to calm the dust. Not my first choice but it was done anyway.

I'm still weak. Yesterday I got much of nothing done and again today, more of the same. No energy, no strength, no stamina... I am tired. I've still kept on and off the last two days a migraine, but at least it wasn't continual as it has been. I blew blood out of my right side of my nose this morning, maybe that is where the problem is. I'm still taking Kim's advice, allergy pill and Musenix (misspelled) and it has helped. I'm just so tired.

The big part on my finger came loose more today so I went ahead and cut the dead looking part off. Still, all in all, it don't look too bad.

Been watching the banana plant and it is working on having some bananas! Now if the rest would take heed, lol. I can't wait. These will be my first ones after all these years.

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