Sunday, November 7, 2010


I blew leaves a couple of days ago and still a bit down. I lost most of my voice again, still gone. I also ended up taking some pain meds, not a good thing. Other than that though, I'm doing ok. I'm still trying to come off the Gabapintin (misspelled) but I keep trying. It is hard to sleep at night lately. Part of that is the pain in my knees, shoulders and neck.

I go back to Rathfoot for a follow-up this week. They are suppose to have a machine whee they can inject the inside going through the outside as opposed to surgery. It sounds painful but probably no more painful than the other way... crossing my fingers on that one, lol.

My hair is back thin up front, maybe thinner than it was, but the back is still thick and curly.

I'm still having to watch what I swallow and swallowing itself, but not as bad. I also have to watch for heavily spiced food, especially pepper. At night it feels like a belt is tight around my neck and hard to breathe at times.

I've gained a bit too much weight, so that is the next thing to work on.

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