Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11-09-2010 Dr Rathfoot Follow-up

First off, Happy Birthday Josh... number 10. (my oldest grandson).

We went early this morning for a follow-up visit with Dr Rathfoot, a well awaited thing for me. Good news and bad news. Good news- He scoped me and saw no tumor. Bad news- I'm swelled enough that my airflow is restricted so he did not inject the medicine, he wants to wait until I have done 3 months of steroids first. He said that a mold had gotten in and created inflammation. I weighed in at 200lbs! Time to either grow taller or diet.Imagine me after 3 months of steroids. I will probably be able to find work being the "Before" picture, lol.

I've been back at having a hard time breathing, especially at night. Somethings, often times, I awake to not being able to breathe. Three days of bush hogging a field and my reward is three months of steroids. Wonder what working the last few days in leaves will get me, lol. I don't lack much more but I'm going to do mom's too... she just don't know it yet. So once again we learn our limits but how else would one know the limit with testing the limit? We don't.

I will have a special message with info on the TV Show in a separate post.

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