Thursday, November 11, 2010


Ok, it's actually now officially 11-12-10 and I'm still up. Eating none the less. Prednisone or bad habits? I goofed off today, no leaves, no bush hogging, just pure trouble. Me and Bill went after a 65 ragtop (stressing that word) Corvair. We went to a lot of trouble to hide it, but then she asked, and my big mouth opened. I would not make a good politician, lol.

Not as tight in my breathing tonight, but still hard to do. Possibly the laughing while spewing Mt Dew coming out of my nose may have helped. Sorry about that Bill, if that had been me who had the accident I'd have laughed anyway. The look on his face when the bungee cord snapped, just too much.

The CTCL is raging lately. My foot looks and feel like it has been dipped in acid and more plaques coming out on the body on the legs and arms. I need to go back to taking the herbs and maybe do some NBUVB treatments, something I'd rather not do with my neck. Maybe a shield? Beats Interferon though.

Tomorrow maybe blow leaves off the roof, provided the neuropathy backs off. I tried that about two days ago, didn't work too well. I'm assuming the only way to know one's limits is by finding them. God knows I've done enough of that in my life, lol.


KimSetser said...

It appears you have a death wish with the ragtop, blowing leaves, and on the roof with neuropathy. Guess you just didn't want it to be the cancer that got you. What are we going to do with YOU??? LOL

anthony7 said...

LOl, once again I see my life review, lol. She got direct with her questions and I suck a lying, so it cam out, lol. You should see it, I stress the word Ragtop, lol.

I haven't made it to the roof yet, the neurophysiology won't cooperate, lol.I have been doing the leaves though, lol.

Not sure what you 'all will have to do with me. I'm too big nowto throw back, lol.

anthony7 said...

That was suppose to say neuropathy. I'm assuming the spell check changed that word for me, I can't even spell that word, lol.