Thursday, January 6, 2011


  I went for a cleaning and plan today to the dentist. It was good to see my old friends at Morristown Dental Center again. Denise had me ask for a neck shield for the X-Rays and so I shielded my throat from them. It did not go well. I kind of knew in the back of my mind what would turn out but secretly prayed it would be better than I thought. It wasn't. The lack of saliva is hard on keeping teeth, and mine have never been good teeth anyway. The chemo probably didn't help the matter anyway on the gums as they are in very bad shape, but I'm guessing on that one.

  While he said he would do whatever I wanted, he was honest when I asked his opinion. That is one thing I really like about Dr Stelzman, he is sincere and honest, plus one of the best in the field. Dr Campbell was too when I saw her back right after the chemo, but she is facing some surgery, so I'm not taking anything from her. I know the team and Dr Stelzman from delivering to them for years, plus I went to them as a patient for many years. I trust him and the ladies there.

  The treatment recommended is to pull all but 2, maybe 3 teeth teeth on the bottom, no guarantees if they will be saved. If he can save two of them he can make a partial, which he says is better than a full plate for using. I've heard that from may people. He says that it will be hard even then to keep them. Dr Sidney Boyd is who will extract them, most excellent in his field. We start Tuesday with the remaining back tooth first. Then, after it heals enough, we see if any can be saved of the 5 remaining teeth on the bottom. Make the impressions and then have them pulled. That equates to more pain. I'm so over pain. I deal with it on a daily basis, but it is always tolerable without using meds. Then I think it will be a month of without teeth. I talked to mark tonight. He says the worry is worse than it is and after a slight period of getting use to them and how to eat with them, I'd probably be better off.

  He said that he would have like to have seen me before the radiation started. Before the chemo I had restricted airways, after the chemo I stayed was so sick. I'm tired of the fight, I grow weary. It seems that it will never end. But, I'll rock up eventually. Then I will see what it costs and what I can afford, which I know it will be a lot of money. Our Dental insurance sucks. How to get the money is the great question and how long I have to get it. Right know, I haven't a clue as to what it will cost. So far, the savings we had are gone, but we've kept everybody paid up. Now the year starts again, only the savings is about depleted.

  Note to God: I need a break now.


bill said...

Hello there ,
I saw that you were an admin on concen and came here and saw you have cancer . You could have pulled my chin off the floor . And do you mean Morristown Tennessee ? If so , im in Knoxville . If you want to talk / e-mail just to talk , please , do so ..Even if you don't , you will be in my prayers .
William - linv5800

anthony7 said...

Hi Bill. Thanks. I am a firm believer in prayers, actually proof that they work. I am in White Pine but Morristown is where I go to the dentist. UT for this cancer, Vanderbilt for the other cancer.