Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Had the first tooth extracted today. It wasn't as bad as I thought, then again, they are great there. I even took mom's trash off today, but I've stayed inside and played on the computer and chilled. I've taken the pain medicine so far like I'm suppose to, so far. I forgot just how bad I hate feeling like this so I think that last pill was the last one. This ain't bad. I let the last pill run pretty much out to test the waters. I got this. It will be, at least by tomorrow, a minor inconvenience as far as pain goes. Now, if I can just keep my tongue out of it, lol.

  It was great seeing and cutting up with Dr Boyd and all the girls there. I miss pestering them. 7 years I delivered that area and to them. If you all are reading this. Thanks. Unfortunately, I'll be back soon, at least for the bottom ones. Then again, I'll be back for Sidney to check on it. Sometimes I think I'm practicing for senility, lol.  I gotta give Denise that appointment card so she will remind me.  

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