Monday, January 31, 2011


Oh boy, this one hurt and hurt bad. I don't think the gas was strong enough or something. I felt the stitches go in. Next time, for the rest, I will get knocked out. It is just now beginning to stop bleeding at 1pm from about 10am.  I kind of expected it would hurt since it was the lower bottom front teeth. I am so tired of pain.

  Kaden is still very sick. Matt and Misty have taken him to Children's Hospital in Knoxville, baby went with them. Josh and BB are coming back here when school lets out and I'll watch them for them. Misty was concerned at first since I'm down a bit but their company will take my mind off the pain. I love those kids.

  Denise made Megan go to school and now that she is there the nurse called. Megan isn't running a fever but she is still coughing and very weak. I don't think I can make that drive right now and with the pain pills I'm not sure it would be safe, so she is stuck. I suspect since Denise is sick too she done a little displacement anger or bad judgment call on Megan's behalf. I have lots of Vit D but nobody is willing to take it. I should have been the first one down, so I think that was what made the difference.

  I've had a few people suggest having questions about my NDE on  Beyond & Back in a special place so others could read the questions and answers in one place. So while I'm just setting around, I thought I'd try something new, but only if people like it. I can do it any way you all want to. Please give me your input on which is best to do either here or my email. Here is a board I've created.

This is good. 


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