Sunday, January 2, 2011


  This is actually for Sunday. I caved in and went to the ER, seemed the only way to satisfy Denise, plus I wasn't any better. She took me to Morristown Hamblen Hospital, at first with the events of dad I strongly said no, but I'm glad went went. Turn around was actually quick. The PA was nice and knowledgeable, the nurse and the X-ray tech were too. This trip was more like I remembered from the heart attack in 05, extremely impressive.

   I got lucky. The X-Ray showed no pneumonia but Acute Bronchitis. I have to taken Leviquin (spelling) for 7 days and use an inhalator every 4 hours. Denise said probably a combination of cleaning moldy cement in the basement but mostly from the Vitamin D pills getting stuck and dissolving in my throat. The ones I have are small pills and anything too small is prone to getting stuck or going up my nasal passages. The stuffy nose hasn't been much help and seemed to start about the same time. A Nettie Pot is what I use for sinuses. Dr Rathfoot even likes those. If snot was worth anything I'd be the next billionaire. So I ran in the New Year again sick, slept most of the day but nowhere near last New Year when this one seemed to be unattainable.

  Tomorrow I have to feed the cows. Probably not good but something that has to be done, plus Denise has fed now for me everyday and Jack misses me, lol.  

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