Thursday, February 17, 2011


  Good day today, beautiful weather. My neuropathy is the same and I noticed while being outside that my balance is compromised a lot. Probably the Gabipentin (spelling). I had forgotten all about that. I stopped in the office to help mom with an email, shot the bull at Food City with the girl in the movie department. The my feet reminded me it was getting time to take another pill.

 I go Friday to get my eyes checked and then Tuesday to Rathfoot for a check up to see if the predisione is working. The breathing isn't better and neither is the pain, both though are tolerable, I've seen worse. I got the new fence started at Misty's house to expand the side and back yard. It's just a small section which use to would be just a few hours work, I'll finish it tomorrow. The bridge fell out again tonight so I Gorilla Glued it back on, lol. Now I have to wait and eat when it's dry. It ain't like I couldn't live off all this weight I've gained, lol. I'm tired even though I slept late. I may have to reconsider putting out more than 1 garden.

  I still have some curl in my hair, love it. It isn't long enough yet to cover my neck, but I'm working on it.  


AK said...

Hey brother, I'm praying for you. Hang in there.

anthony7 said...

Thank You