Thursday, April 7, 2011


Long day today, much longer than I intended. I awoke this morning to a completely raw left side of my throat. Kaden and Baby both are sick, I think Misty said that Kaden has Scarlet Fever. I've made it pasted catching much this winter, but I think this one got me.

  Me and Denise headed to UT about 6am, too early for anything except Milkmen. The scan went great as far as being smooth. The ladies there were great. While we were waiting we saw. It took me a bit to place her but eventually I did. Her husband now has cancer. We chatted but a bit before I was called back. We saw them in a room as we were passing by. I couldn't help but remember, even though I couldn't place where, that she had given me excellent care, so I thanked her and wished them well. I know that I had an appointment with Green and asked Denise when it is, the correct question should have been when was it. It seems that my teeth had clashed with his check-up. Oops. Denise doesn't care for Green, says that he is through with me, yet I like him and would have liked a follow-up visit.

  So the scan is done. They scanned my throat and lungs. The results will be given at my appointment to Panella's visit on the 15th. I and praying that all is good. When we got back I called Rathfoot and talked with his nurse. More preidisone  and Dyfluken (spelling).

   I went to Knoxville with Matt and Gregg. He has already sold the computer he bought to fix and wanted another one. He got him two he can repair and sell and later on, There is a guy that owns a shop in Knox County that has a retail business that brought him 5 Apples to fix today. I got 1 more component to come in and I'll be ready to create mine, but I'll wait until Matt has time to. The guy Philip at the place seems very nice.

   I came back and talked with Dr Schindler's nurse who said to come it at 10:30 am , so I did. He saw my throat was extremely red, no fever though, but also felt my lymph nodes in my neck and said they are swelled.. He prescribed me some Keflex I think. He is a genuine man, something that is pretty rare these days.

  So tomorrow, God willing, I will either go get the other doors or forming this one and installing it while laying some more blocks.  I'm pretty much down tonight, so it will a flip toss as to if I wake up early enough.


Lori Bei Durst said...

Thinking of you Anthony and praying for your complete healing. I'll spend the rest of the day thinking of you while I am feeling good....lots of good vibes you way! :o)
Fondly, Lori

anthony7 said...

Thanks Lori, I appreciate that. So far so good, for the most part. I've kept moving pretty good, not as good as I'd like, but moving just the same. God Bless, Anthony

David said...

I am praying for good results as well, Anthony. Please keep us posted and I hope you are feeling more rested!