Friday, April 22, 2011


  It's been a long day today. I don't know if last night was cramps or muscles spasms, or if there is a difference, but what a loooong night it was. Those things are painful. The last was about 7:30 or 8 am and that one left me limping from the pain in the right calf muscle and ankle. Kay at the hardware seemed to think it might be the Predisone and suggest maybe Magnesium. This is more than three nights like that so far together, the most consecutive so far. At this point I'm willing to give almost anything a try. I know I probably can't stop the steroids after this many months and they are helping the swelling from cutting my wind off. I'd scream but I've not the voice to do that, so perhaps a low tone.

  I hung out at the office today with mom and Matt. I didn't get nothing done at all. I'm worn out. I watched Matt work on some computers and listened to mom work with her clients and customers. Matt seems to be somewhat of a perfectionist. He drives himself nuts making sure it is all perfectly done, guess that is a good thing. We are a lot alike but not in that way, lol.

  Charlie had his biopsy today, his second. I told him that Vanderbilt liked their own. The scars were not even healed when I went there very good for the NHL. I remember thinking that since the biopsies were fresh, one in each leg, that part was over. Wrong. They took new ones from my ankles. I guess that is a good thing though. He really likes his doctor there. He told Charlie he could fix him. He will have 4 light chemos and some radiation to shrink it. Afterward they will cut the mass out. They said they type he will be taking will not take his hair out and not make him sick. I really hope and pray it don't.

  I hope tonight is restful. No waking up with whatever that is. Denise not having to alter me for my breathing. Just a good night's sleep. The tightness in my throat though tonight begs to differ, hope it's wrong. I'm putting my magnetic necklace back on tonight too. The two dics that never healed back up seem to be active. Then again, with the shoulder, elbows, knees... nothing ain't active, lol. I think it's all this liquid sunshine we've been getting.   


CourtneyC said...

Hi Anthony,
I am really sorry to hear about your breathing difficulties. I will pray for you.
As for the cramping, if it is caused by medicine, I don't know if this will work, but when I get leg cramps in the night, I get up amd walk. Seems weird, but the cramp in my leg goes away in 3 seconds or less when I do this. Hope it works for you.

David said...

So have the last few nights been restful at all?

anthony7 said...

Thanks CourtneyC, I usually try and walk after I can get weight on it. The last one seems to have left a gift, got a limp still from that one.

David, I've done pretty decent except last night. Denise picked up something called Leg Cramps made by Hylands at the grocery store, they seem to work. The Mag pills are those uncoated ones and I'm not too sure I can swallow them, even with something slick. I've learned over time what goes down and what don't on a usual basis. Then though, sometimes, the usual ones don't get too far like this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Drink Gatorade for the cramps. it helps put the electrolites back in that you lose and should help avoid the leg cramps. My dad has been on predisone for almost 10 years. It helps.

anthony7 said...

Thanks for the tip on Gatorade. I have plenty of it downstairs and wasn't able to drink it when then radiation burn was at it's peak, bet I could now. That would be better too than the Mt Dews I've been drinking on the weight thing too. Thanks, not sure why that hadn't crossed my mind.