Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rathfoot visit

   We went to a visit with Dr Rathfoot. He scoped me and saw the swelling still there, plus some. He asked if I had been around anybody sick, which I have almost consecutively this year, apparently my luck ran out. He said I have a cold, something I was suppose to avoid. 

  He upped my Predisone dose 20mg twice a day and taped it down. 1 antibiotic, Avelox, once a day. This will go until next month when I will be scheduled for surgery, after the Cardiologist clears me. He will inject the area with Kenalog and I'm hoping send me back. He also discussed a temporary Trach, but I'm not sure if this was during that or if this fails. It would allow time for my throat to heal. I'm not really wanting to go along with that one. It's garden and bike season, plus I have more to get done than I've ever had to do and a lot less energy to do it with.   There was something else she got filled but I'm not sure what it was. 

 We are all worn out after what seemed to be Hell night last night. Storm after storm rolling through, the first one being the worse and the second getting fairly close to the first one. So when we got back I walked around looking at the damage.  We were far luckier than a lot of other places. The golf ball sized hail punched holes that looked like God had fired a large shotgun through the vinyl siding at Matt & Misty's house and buildings. We don't have siding like that here, so it just blew off paint in spots. Beat up Denise's car a bit and the Taurus, broke the windshield on Big Ugly. As usual, it washed our driveway out again, just not as bad this time...yet. Most of the neighbors houses that had vinyl siding had holes in it and Mark's windows were exploded in the front of his house. Thank God nobody though was hurt and the animals are all alive.

  Today is Matt's birthday.

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