Monday, May 2, 2011


  Well here I set again, today ended as quick as it started. About all I got done was 2 block laid and a small part of the garden tilled, so here I set until my swelling goes down in my throat. I've dug out my old hat I wore last year, not the one I wanted but it will do. I took some Benadryl so hopefully that will take this down enough to breathe and at the same time not knock me out. Not so much pain as it is my wind getting cut off. Like a noose is around my neck.

    I had big plans to get a lot more done before surgery in a couple of weeks, but I guess the "best laid plans of men and mice" applies. Then again, I ain't done trying yet either. First things first though. I have to get the tiller back into the garage and the wheel barrel full of mud used up. I'll start with my mask this time instead of waiting to wear it. I may even write stupid on my head. :)

  Charlie starts his chemo tomorrow and not the light doses he first thought. He chose Dr. Panella at UT, same doctor I have.  He shoots pretty straight and takes the time to explain. He is a good doctor. He saw Ruth today too. He laughed and said she told him he wasn't as stubborn as I am. :) It seems to have Charlie's spirits lifted a bit, he was ready to give up yesterday. I never been much on pain pills until this, but they are a blessing in a lot of ways and now Charlie can catch a break. This is his calm before the storm. Real pain hasn't set in just yet, may God be with him through this. I'm trying to get him to learn the web, there is so much enlightening information up here that can help him remain positive.

  I know for me, I had a bit of a learning curve with the heart attack, still, without this blog and 106.9 The Light radio station, and other websites, it would have been much rougher. His tastes differ in a few ways than mine, but we are mutual on many things. There is a preacher that a reader turned me onto named Mike Hoggard that I listened to early this morning. He seems pretty good to me, actually one of the best I've heard in a long time. I placed a link on his name.  Then I like Chris White and his info. There is also Chip Ingram and Chuck Swindoll.  Cancer is a battle, but that doesn't mean one has to fight unarmed or alone. There is also a website called Blog For A Cure that if had I have know existed I would have probably blogged there.

  Well, I've pretty well loaded this post with links, killed some time, and hoping it will go down enough to get back to it.


David said...

Thanks for the links, Anthony. I will keep these to send to some friends of mine that may be able to use them.

I will continue to pray for you and Charlie and thanks for keeping us updated!

anthony7 said...

You are welcome. Thank you for the prayers. For me, these links and a few more, plus all the prayers and family and friends is what has kept me going so far. I truly believe that is what has kept Charlie going too. Prayers and positive feelings I think hold the answer to getting through this and other things life tosses one.