Monday, May 9, 2011


Finally coming out of it while Charlie goes deeper down into it. Somehow that takes the joy out of coming out of it. I actually got up feeling good for a change and planned on getting a lot done. Take advantage of the good day and accomplish what I could before surgery next week. Somehow that just didn't happen.

I've had emotionally and psychologically some downs lately and today I think I finally turned the corner, with some help. I ran into BB and we talked a long time at Easy In, it felt good. Nathan, BB's son came in. Now there is a smart and talented kid, well I should say man, he has grown up now. I ended up going over to his house after mowing mom's yard and we sat and talked. Man did I even need that. Unfortunately BB didn't get what he was doing done either, but he didn't seem to mind.

We grew up together and even though we're cousins I always considered him a brother. Since he is older I looked up to him and because of that, I didn't get into the drug scene, my brief encounter ended as quick as it started. We looked the part with hair to our waists, beards, and bikes. We talked current times, reminisced older times. I think this is what I've needed for a long time. I've always been able to tell BB things that I probably never will tell another person. He is one of the few people that I have never questioned his heart, motives or honesty. He has always had a level head, even when we were kids. Funny how we pass and yet live so close. Have a lot in common like cars and bikes, yet we never seem to find the time.

So... if you read this BB or Janet either one, thank you. It's also my fault Janet that he didn't get everything done. I'm sorry that I kept him. And, thank you too Janet for lending an ear.


David said...

Good to see that you have a listening ear, Anthony. Though our spouses are always an amazing source of support and strength, sometimes just talking to a friend gives you something different that a spouse can't, you know?

Not to take away ANYTHING our spouses give us, its just something a good friend can give that is very unique.

I'm glad to see you have BB. Hopefully you guys can chat it up a bit more often. :)

anthony7 said...

Yea, God knows me and Denise can talk about pretty much anything, but there is always a difference. For 22 years Denise has known me and been my best friend, but BB has known me all of my life.

I use to laugh when we were younger and people thought I was BB. We favor since we're kin, but looked nothing alike. I never told him, but I actually considered it an honor.

I wasn't around my half brothers much as a kid. I always did and still do consider BB, Keith, Mark, and Joe brothers since we were raised together.

I don't think any of them read the blog. Mark I see quite a lot, BB we see each other at the store, Keith works all the time, and Joe is dead. I ran with BB the most when we were teens. All four of them have the best hearts you can find.