Saturday, May 21, 2011


Congratulations MEGAN!!  Megan graduated today, and that is the last of the kids. We went to watch her graduate. It was a beautiful ceremony. I really didn't expect to see her walk that stage. We got pictures of the 3 girls afterward. Mrs Stokes, Megan's Interpreter from years past came from NC to see her walk the stage. She probably had the single most/best impact on Megan than anybody she ever was with. Megan made leaps and jumps in school and toward both sign language, learning her hearing aids and most importantly, confidence.  Megan at first wanted to eat at Outback, but she changed her mind when Misty said they were going to meet her mom and her boyfriend to hike. So Megan changed her mind and said she wanted to go with them. They had a ball.

  Me and Denise played outside and got some things done, plus framed Megan's awards. Worked outside, though Denise probably got done more than I did. I had to take several breaks from the swelling and infection in my throat. Still, we got a lot of things done. Tonight I'm paying for it, but it's a good debt though. We watched the newest episode of Camelot, actually two of them, we got behind.

  I think that Megan was more tired than we are, lol. She didn't get home until late and when she did she looked tired, but man was she ever happy. It was her day today, and all was great. She said that Cathy & Mark had invited her back to hike with them when they all go. Something about a cave with different colored sand. She was also talking about Mark's camera, and how nice he is. You made your sister's day today Misty, thank you, and thank your mom and Mark too.

  Charlie is out and about again, minus his hair now. He overshot it and had to take a long break I hear. Just 1 more and he may be done though and ready for surgery.


Andi said...

Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. Also just want to say that Megan has such beautiful blue eyes. Lucky girl!

anthony7 said...

Thanks Andi. Megan worked hard for this day. She has her mom's eyes and unfortunately my sense of humor. :)