Sunday, May 22, 2011


  Still have a big gash on my gum which makes it extremely painful to wear the partial. Slept late this morning and wasn't going to wear it but Missy & Richard asked if we wanted to ride. I wasn't sure just how well I could do but I think we both needed the stress relief, especially Denise. We met over at their house and Dale & Anna were riding too, so off we went. We rode until the storm got close and headed back. Went to English Mountain and rode through Jefferson, Cocke, and Sevier counties. Man it was fun. Just out of the way curvy highways and scenery. Ever so often Richard would stop at an intersection and ask which way. I would say whichever way you all are going, lol. We stayed lost, but happily so.

  Still hacking up that pretty colored stuff and tired, but this gave me energy more than it took away. It was a good day. Tomorrow I think we have another contractor come and give an estimate on the storm damage repair. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, but as long as the ones who got hit the hardest get first, we're alright.


David said...

That looked like it was a blast! Good job for getting through the adventure and also for getting the MOST out of it!

anthony7 said...

Thanks David, we had a ball. I think we both needed that badly. We ended the ride at a drive in called Debbie's. Good tea and a cheeseburger. I'm all about the Tea, and man was it good.