Friday, May 27, 2011


  Well Denise, Megan, and I all are sick. Megan and me both sound like we have pneumonia. Denise and me both have diarrhea. I'm down. Megan is down. Denise is running on fumes. I think yesterday's storm didn't help me and Megan any, we both walked around when it was over looking at the damage. What last month's storm didn't destroy this one got.  So today I'll have to call the insurance company again and tell them we need to add to the damage, not that there is a lot the first one didn't do.

  The garden me and Megan worked so hard on two days ago is in pretty bad shape, but most of it was seeds so there is some hope. The established garden is another story, probably 70-80% destroyed. When we all get better we will replant what things will have time to make, but most of what was destroyed that time wasn't replaceable due to time. I'm sure that there will be things the insurance company won't replace or repair, so maybe the gardens just weren't meant to be, or at least not as much as we had anyway.


David said...

That was quite the storm!

anthony7 said...

We actually caught that right as it was weakening. They said it was 1 day short of exactly 1 month from the first one. What the first didn't do this one did. Oddly enough, as bad as the cucumber plants look taking 2 beatings, I got 5 cukes off it yesterday. Two of the other hills that are still alive look like they may pull through too. :) I've replanted what has time and temperature to make. The rest will have to wait until next year.