Tuesday, May 24, 2011

05-25-2011 Rathfoot Follow-up

Me and Denise headed down for a follow up visit with Rathfoot. He was please with the surgery outcome. He said that there is a machine where instead of putting me to sleep he could do the injections while I am awake. I'm excited, but the awake thing is a bit weird. Still, it would beat surgery each time. I can do that, so far I've done and had done worse things and things I would have swore I couldn't. He says that I will need more and in a month go back again. We left out the part about weeding the garden the day after surgery. 

  Tonight I found out that I could actually taste Sherbert, so I had a cone. I still can't taste a lot... but I remember what some things tasted like, so I pretend. From my belly and weight gain it must be working, maybe too well, lol. I got our pig today. Now I can taste sausage. Terry Sellars had it ready today. Me and Megan brought home about 183 lbs, it dressed pretty good. Man I missed that sausage, we've been eating store bought, yuk.  I put some over the hamburger in the big freezer, have to move it, lol.

  I have an infection from the tube that they had in my throat... and I can't recall if it is called a respirator or what right now, senior moment I guess. :) Anyway, I got an infection last time too, so I kind of expected that. So I'm now taking an antibiotic. The best news was that the Prednisone dose was lowered to 10mg morning and 5 mg at night.

  Denise is sick too, so is Megan, Misty, and Matt, so I may have caught something there as well. Funny, when Rathfoot was through checking me he noticed that Denise was sick and checked her too. He gave her some medicine as well. That is something that you just don't see these days. This man is impressive. Come to find out he also goes on Mission trips to visit another country to an orphanage and doctors there for free. I've heard of doctors doing this but never really met one. He actually cares about people. I've been so blessed that all the doctors I go to does, as well as Kim, who has been a lifesaver throughout this.

  Charlie is up and running, but tomorrow he does it again, and in a couple of days Hell will follow. He lost his hair, but he is still smiling and even more, fighting back. He says he feels like it is decreasing in size and that it's working. I pray it is. If it is this will be his last dose and then surgery, and I pray that radiation doesn't follow. That is when it gets tough.   

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