Tuesday, May 31, 2011


  Finally back up after a total loss Saturday, slept on and off all day, Sunday wasn't much better. Still coughing and weak and it feels like I've strained my stomach muscles coughing, certainly swelled the throat up. Denise wasn't much better and today she is off to work still congested. Megan turned the corner, though still not completely well yet. Rest and sleep seemed to help all three of us.

  I played with Matt's website and started a new book Sunday, got on the web and watched some new films at Chris White's website. So I stayed up after a Rip Van Winkle Saturday. Ms Hen was pissed and waiting on me when I went outside since she wasn't fed Saturday. :) She followed me all the way back to the chicken coop telling me about it. lol.  I ordered me a fancy case for the computer that Matt just built for me, this is the 3rd and final one. He didn't seem to mind that he just put it one together and now I've changed my mind on cases. The thing is a hoss, just under the one I have here. 

   I'll take the trash off today, ours, mom's, and the office and then piddle, but I'll be inside doing it. If it stays cool long enough maybe clean up some of the damage from the last storm. I'm still debating on replanting the garden but I'll definitely replant Josh's tomato plant (without him knowing it). I had a few seedlings that were beaten down and one seems to have stood back up, I'll take that as a sign. Megan's plants seem to have made it through, thank God for that. Mark said his were beaten into the ground as well. Some of those that I planted are completely gone while others that were cut off or holes beaten in them are trying to recover. Seems it ain't completely over yet.  

  So I'm off to get started, not sure how much I'll get done, but I'm gonna try again.

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